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revisiting the good old underwater theme.
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my latest illustration! an ode to my troubled love/hate relationship with clutter.

finished version of this WIP from last february! the same WIP that, after changing the colors/ideas a bunch of times, led to this piece, but i went back to the old version and started over. 

people have been asking, so here it is! this brushset contains the 5 brushes I actually use, which you can download here (click the download button on the right column). they are shockingly basic and three of them are standard photoshop brushes. enjoy! :)
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Roman Muradov
SPX! Here’s my signing schedule:
1-3pm with Nobrow  W34-35
3-4pm with Retrofit  E5
1-3 with Nobrow  W34-35
Here’s some new info on my debut novella:
A brief interview on Nobrow’s site with photos and words about my process and (excuse me) philosophy. Dreams, constraints, puns, the usual.
A new review from multiverse ("…a challenging and surreal journey steeped in hypnagogic imagery that could end up being one of this year’s breakout graphic novels”).
The book is also mentioned in highlights from Mental Floss and The Comics Journal.
The image above is one of the many things I ended up deleting from the final version. The book is fairly quiet, but I tried to treat drawings like words, which meant that a great deal of perfunctory prettiness had to be left out.
I will also have my last two Yellow Zines with me, so please come by and say hi!
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Good Vibes HERE

I always said you were intoxicating